Bobbie Puttrich Fine Art  


"As a painter and sculptor my greatest joy is in bringing attention and appreciation to the beauty of creation. I strive to maintain the wonderment and appreciation of our world and to see with fresh eyes always."    
Art By Marg  


"My soul is seized by the wonders of provocative earth...
From the breadth of the skies to the depths of the seas.
If, in dipping my brush, I might expose what seems concealed
the majesty of it all, it is not I, but the Creator still.
If one peaceful moment beckons belief and a place to imagine a haven of rest, then I have done what I must do."    
Cynthia Sloan  


As an artist I am blessed to see the awesome hand of THE ultimate Creator every where. I often feel like a child viewing the world for the first time! I feel inspired and strive to evoke thoughts, emotions, encouragements through art. My life, a journey is always changing. Like a diamond in the rough starts off as a rock. I am chiseled, ground and polished to be able to co-create and shined through with art. I am excited to continue and create!    
Valerie Stanaszek  


God's Presence shimmering in their eyes, I'm humbled and honored drawing and painting people with Jesus graciously gifting a glimpse of how He sees life on earth as it is in heaven. Sensing His Spirit's delight while working in color and line, my prayer is to remain in His quieting love to hear Abba calling, singing and bringing us to His holy flow place where experiences bound by space and time are transformed by our Creator into eternity together with Him through the glory of art.    
Kaia Calhoun  


"I am primarily a people photographer, portraits and weddings, but I graduated with an art degree and practice that by capturing the uniqueness I see in ordinary life. In my business I love serving my clients lovingly, creating a series of memories they can cherish forever, and making them my forever friends. I shoot honest photography – real people, real colors, and real life."    
Don Krause  


A Hoosier by birth, Donald received his academic training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, studying under Bill Parks. As a young man, he applied those talents and energies to the burgeoning advertising agency world of Michigan Avenue in the same city, where he spent the next twenty years of his career developing advertising campaigns for major corporations.    
Steve Puttrich  


God's creation is all around us, and yet we seldom take notice of the harmony these God-given elements provide in infinite variety and proportions. My goal with each painting is to speak the truth and to discover and transcribe the beautiful. It's in these moments of creating I feel His pleasure and purpose in my life. It is even more wonderful when others can share in the experience and be inspired by God's creation through my work. My greatest hope is that, as you view the painting, you would be open for those moments in your life when God speaks to you and reminds you of His help and pleasure in your life.      
Bridget Mantasoot  


My passion is to move others, pointing to the forgotten details in life and the beauty of the overlooked. I am interested in the lives of forgotten women and children, finding beauty in unexpected places, and juxtaposing things that seem to oppose each other. It is important to me that I learn, experience, explore, and play… that I thrive.    


As a boy, Ian loved scratch-building and modeling historical figures and miniatures. After studying linguistics and art history, he apprenticed with a classically trained sculptor and fell in love with the art of lost-wax casting. In his sculptures, Ian seeks to capture movement and inspire connection with the Divine.

"His light shines thru..when we do his help others in need."    
Ted Stanaszek  


Before spending 27 years as the Founding Partner, Creative Director and Managing Partner of Simple Truth, a Chicago based graphic design and marketing communications firm, I studied painting with Eugene Hall at the American Academy of Art where I met my wife Valerie. Together we formed No.2 Pencils, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to re-build and fund Ecole St. Joseph in Petit Goave, Haiti, and provide educational opportunities to under resourced schools in the United States. Currently working on starting two new businesses, I always enjoy the next challenge partnering with creatives that bring passion and energy to their work.    
David Arms  


With his wife and two daughters close by, David spends his days in a sun drenched studio in Nashville, TN filled with Classical and Americana music, french press coffee, books and patchouli. But some days he prefers to paint in the quiet, inspired by the sparrows, wrens and chickadees living at his window. It is here that he creates images that transport you from what you see into that sometimes faraway place of what you feel and what you believe – and his wish is that the viewer look long enough to walk away with a renewed sense of hope.



Long an occasional painter, began in earnest in 1996, first focusing on international peoples, then to full time occupation in 2004, with an ever-broadening array of subjects and approaches.