12 Stores • 12 Artists • Songwriters Unite


March 21st - 26th

We invite families to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and WALK through 12 stores in historical downtown Franklin, TN on a Passion Art Walk from March 21-26, 2016.

12 stores in Franklin will each host a piece of art that has been created to tell the Biblical Story of the Passion.  Each commissioned piece of art, rendered by 12 different artists, tells the story through the actions of the HANDS at different points of the story: Praying Hands in the Garden of Gethsemane, Betraying Hands of Judas, Denying Hands of Peter, Pilate's Hands while washing, declaring Christ's innocence, Christ's resurrection hands revealing to doubting Thomas, He has Risen.

We are excited to have Spirit-filled singer song-writers partner with us during this endeavor. Each singer has written or dedicated a song which connects to the artwork; both song and art work inspired by the same verse in the Bible. All this designed to enhance the art walk experience with the added layer of music.

The art walk will culminate with an event held on March 26, 2016 at the Franklin Theater.  Live performances, together with a meet and greet of artists, will take place on the Saturday before Easter.

The mission of the Jonahre Foundation, a non-for-profit organization, is to bring Truth to reality through the Biblical storytelling of art, music and film. Having recently presented this model of 12 stores, hosting 12 commissioned pieces of art from 12 artists in a suburb of Chicago, the demand has birthed the need to replicate this in other towns. We are excited to bring this WALK TO REMEMBER to Franklin.

Please visit our website at www.jonahre.com to learn more about our organization. You can also read more about past Art Walks.

We hope this will again create a magnificent boldness by all, uniting business leaders, church leaders and the community on behalf of our Savior to tell the Biblical story of the Passion through the arts.

In Christ,

Dr. Christine Danforth

Jonahre Foundation


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